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Dubbed "Don't kill the dream" a new television ad is being brought to you by the Dean Brothers - Howard and Jim, this Sunday in a congressional district near you.

Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont,  and his brother Jim, are behind the group, Democracy for America that is running the 60-second ad.

From Democracy for America:

A new 60-second television ad released today by Democracy for America targets Republicans for killing the American Dream and failing to create jobs. The ad, “Don’t Kill the Dream,” which will air both nationally and in targeted congressional districts, features Americans who want Republicans in Congress to stop dismantling the middle class and killing the American Dream. The ad calls out Republicans for slashing vital programs the middle class depends on while simultaneously insisting on tax breaks and loopholes for corporations and millionaires.

The ad will run nationally on Sunday shows and in the districts of Allen West (FL - 22) and David Rivera’s (FL -25). This is part of Democracy for America’s national campaign to hold Republicans accountable that will run from now until the election in 2012.


We were city workers in New York State, luckily we had good benefits. We would like to grow old comfortably and get back what we contributed. We would like to see those that we love have the same.
-Samuel and Stephanie Levine, Retired

I came to the United States when I was 10 years old, because this is the land of opportunity. But opportunities are disappearing on us because Washington has decided to protect millionaires and billionaires and squeeze the middle class. That is not the American dream.
-Millie Herrera, Small Business Owner

The American dream is having security and knowing that your kids can have security too.
-Chris Ossman, Engineer

To be able to live a decent life, free of fear about the next medical bill.
-Samuel Levine, Retired

Being able to get a great education, the greatest in the world.
-Austin Brookley, Student

The American dream is not just to make a profit in our business, but to be able to sleep at night and know that we are going to be okay.
- Annette Taddeo, Small Business Owner

But the basic needs of this country are being threatened by what’s going on in Washington.
-Chris Ossman, Engineer

We can let Republicans in Washington kill the American Dream.
-Millie Herrera, Small Business Owner


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This ad is like trying to solve a problem with the same mindset that created the problem it the first place.

The couple from N.Y. have great benefits due to Union extortion and Democrat lawmakers elected by the union. Republicans don't want to take their benefits away. They do want to stop the madness from further infecting the future.

Millie came to the land of opportunity when she was 10. She fails to see the future is disappearing because of taxes, regulation, an uncertain future and crushing national debt. Taxes won't solve her problem but will add to the uncertainty.

Chris needs to learn the American Dream is not about "having" security but is about earning it.

Mr. Levine needs to tell his and my grandchildren how much of his medical bills we should pay. Everyone should get good medical care for free....when they have exhausted their wealth.

Young Austin can get a great education. He just has to work for it. Schools are a perfect example of liberal design. They are inefficient, bureaucrat bloated, and unaccountable. U.S education ranks 22 among developed countries.

Annette should to learn "business" is about risk, reward or failure. The only thing guaranteed is risk and sleepless nights.

Mr. Ossman got it exactly right. Republicans and Democrats have moved our country to the left over the last 26 years. Help the new guys in Washington with a "new mindset" move our country back to greatness.

MJ Beal

It's not just the illustrious "Dean brothers" who believe today's version of the Republican Party in Congress is ATTEMPTING to kill the American Dream.

It's several hundred thousand of us out in the country's heartland who are sick of the crazy rhetoric we hear coming out of every Republican-slanted media orifice, and it all stinks.

Americans with common sense are waking up and wising up to what a pack of lies they swallowed during two Bush administrations, and we will fight cruel and crazy Repub propaganda on our streets and at our front doors, if necessary. It will not prevail.

The American Dream is not a concrete entity Repubs can destroy with their guns or their nutty ideas. Like America itself, it is in our hearts and our minds, and we will not let it die!

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