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Crowley Political Report should have stopped and taken a picture.

On Highway 17, somewhere outside of Savannah, Ga., was this sign outside of a shop - "Dead People's Stuff For Sale."

On this long, deliberately slow road trip, my traveling buddy wonders if the "Gates to the Federal City" will be open by the time we arrive in D.C.

It seems a fair question.

No matter what side of the debate you are on, watching what is happening in Washington is - well - unsettling.

Some argue that this is the most divisive time in the nation's history. If you are one of those, you probably received an "F" in your American History class.

While it may not be the most divisive time, it may be one of  the most clueless times in Washington.

A young lady behind a bar in Charleston, talked about her big move back to the city. She had lived in Florida. A few things went wrong and some years back she said she needed to start over so she returned to Charleston.

She seemed happy.

In 2010, voters told Washington they wanted the Federal City to start over. Is the spectacle of the last few weeks what voters had in mind?


Whether you have "Dead People's Stuff For Sale" or you're tending bar, folks just want Washington to work - so they can work.

Sure there are differences about what that means, but you can be fairly certain it doesn't include gridlock. And it's probably fair to say that nearly everyone is going to be cranky if Washington makes the economy worse.

With the preening and the prancing on Capitol Hill - with their $175,000 a year paychecks and taxpayer funded gyms - the dwellers of the Federal City often seem to forget the guy just trying to make a living.

And Americans work a lot harder at it than the average worker on Capitol Hill.

Like the guy with this sign somewhere near the Georgia/South Carolina border - "Chinese Take-Out, New York Style."

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