Exclusive: Mark Foley talks about tonight's appearance with Sean Hannity
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Sean Hannity asks Mark Foley if he should have gone to jail

(Note: Mark Foley was a 2010 client for ImMEDIAcy Public Relations Inc. Brian Crowley is a principal of ImMEDIAcy).

Crowley Political Report has never been a fan of Sean Hannity but he gave Mark Foley a far tougher interview that one might expect.

Foley appeared on Hannity's FOX show tonight - his first appearance on national television since leaving Congress in 2006 following revelations that he was exchanging explicit computer messages with House pages.

Much of what Foley told Hannity has been revealed previously - he talked about being sexually abused by a Catholic priest when he was 11-years old, how much pain he brought to himself and his family, and he repeatedly took the blame for his actions.

But Hannity was determined not to let Foley off the hook that easily.

Hannity questioned how Foley, as an adult, could send sex messages to teenage boys.  With a look of disgust on his face, Hannity asked Foley how he could square being the leader of the Committee for Exploited Children while at the same time secretly exploiting children

 "There seems to be a missing connection here," Hannity said.

Foley would not say directly whether he thought Weiner should resign instead he said "whatever it is that is troubling him....he is not going to get better going back into that building (Congress).

A few minutes later Hannity asked Foley about punishing people for what Foley had done.

"Should people go to jail for that?" he asked Foley.

"No," said Foley. 

"Should they be arrested>"


"H0w do they trust them around kids?...."

"....Should I have gone to jail no, absolutely not."

It was not clear whether Hannity agreed.


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