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never understands folks who can't pronounce Boca Raton - especially Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott was on WJNO radio talking about his trip to Canada and noting that the Canadian company Garda will be moving 100 jobs from Pasadena, Calif, to Boca Raton.  Scott pronounced Raton like baton.

So wrong. As former Boca Raton Mayor Carol Hansen, used to say - "it is Ra tone, as in Al Capone."

And it is not Boca RaTAN, as some pronounce it.  Good grief.

When we tweeted this on @crowleyreport, one person noted they pronounce it just like Scott does. The fact that Scott is not the only one who mispronounces Boca Raton does not make it less incorrect.

And shouldn't a Florida governor know how to pronounce the name of a Florida city?

During Scott's interview on WJNO, Florida's governor was asked if his low polls numbers - his favorability rating dropped to 29 percent in the last Quinnipiac University poll - would hurt Republicans in 2012.

Scott said the key for the GOP, "to winning any race right now is going to be who has got the right blueprint for job creation. That’s the whole key.  . . .  That’s going to be the key in local races, that’s going to be the key in federal races, that’s going to be the key in the presidency who has the right blueprint for job creation that is the number one issue."

Scott noted that unemployment numbers have dropped since he took office and claims that Florida has generate 55,000 to 75,000 new jobs this year.

"That is the key and that is why we’re going to do well next year," in the election, Scott said.

Listen to the interview here.

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