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Obama cartoon 
Rush hour is going to be ugly in Miami Monday with Air Force One expected to land at Miami International Airport right in the midst of drivers trying to get home from work.

President Obama will spend Monday evening raising money for his reelection campaign at the Adrienne Arsht Center on Biscayne Boulevard. Minimum price is $250 but Crowley Political Report hears that Miami Young Democrats are peddling some tickets for as low as $44.  We suspect those folks are not going to be very close to the action.

A few recent conversations with Florida Democrats suggests to Crowley Poltical Report that there is some unhappiness with the president.  We're not talking policy differences - and there are plenty of those - these folks think Obama is not spending enough quality time in the Sunshine State. They  say Obama has not done enough to nurture his political base here.

Obama won't be doing any better on this trip. He's gone the next morning - leaving MIA just as rush hour is ending.

Let the honking begin.

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Art by West Palm Beach artist Patrick Crowley


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