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Florida is going to play a major role - if not the defining one - in choosing the Republican nominee for president. 

Sure, some of the candidates will still play in Iowa but that state is largely a waste of a candidate's time and resources. Even some political strategists are beginning to believe that Iowa is fading in importance.

New Hampshire desperately clings to its "first in the nation" spot on the political agenda and most of the candidates will be forced to endure the Granite State's cold winter. Nevada can be ignored but South Carolinians all but threaten to succeed from the union if the rest of the nation doesn't pay attention to them at least once every four years.

When those primaries are over, there are likely to be several Republican candidates still in the race. And the next state on the agenda is Florida where the wise candidate should be planting seeds now.

Which bring us to Jon Huntsman. Today, the former Utah governor and just-resigned Ambassador to China, will open his national campaign headquarters in Orlando.

His public schedule begins in Miami where he will  make a morning visit to Everglades Lumber and Building Supply. Then Huntsman drops by Sarussi Cafe at 10:40 a.m. for a "casual discussion with local business leaders."

His public schedule goes blank until 4:30, when he opens his national headquarters in Orlando.

Before he gets to Orlando, Crowley Political Report has learned that Huntsman will attend a private event in Naples - home to Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Coincidence? With most voters still  unhappy with Scott, it is not likely that Huntsman plans to spend a lot public time with Florida's governor at this point despite the fact that Scott's campaign manager, Susie Wiles, is running Huntsman's campaign.

Huntsman has also hired David Johnson, a tough, respected GOP political operative. He is a former executive director of the Florida Republican Party.  Other Florida hires include Nikki Jerger Lowery (who worked for Jeb Bush),  Marc Reichelderfer and Alex Castellanos, Jr.

Now, all they have to do is figure out how to make Huntsman appeal to Florida's very conservative Republican primary voter.


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