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Allen West gets help from Heritage Action of America

Dropping in mailboxes in the congressional district of Florida Republican Allen West is an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch post card from Heritage Action of America - the political action arm of the Heritage Foundation.

The front of the card shows a man, his head in hand, looking glumly at a pile of papers on the kitchen table. A small baby sits on his lap. "We going broke! Can we stop it?"

On the flip side in large headline type it reads, "Allen West is fixing this mess." Below the headline it reads, "Allen West voted for a bold plan that prevents an economic catastrophe by: saving Medicare, paying down the debt, rejecting tax increases."

Next is this: "Liberals are attacking the plan, claiming it ends Medicare. This is a lie. The plan saves Medicare and gives Americans the same health care options as Members of Congress."

Folks are asked to call West and "thank him for fighting for our families."

Clearly the Heritage Foundation is doing what it can to help West win a second term. Does that mean the GOP is worried about whether West can win. Since he has won one and lost one in that district, Republicans should be worried.

But West is also proving to be formidable. He remains popular with Tea Party conservatives and it is like that Florida's Republican legislature we do its best to create a new district for him that sheds some of those pesky Democrats.

Former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel and Fort Lauderdale businessman Patrick Murphy have announced campaigns to win the Democratic nomination. 

It should be a helluva race.

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