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The UN is part of the big take over by New World Order. If we don't start pushing back. They will have USA cornered like cattle. They are so ready to mark Americans.Society is already dumbed down and quite medicated and OVERWORKED BLUE COLLARS FOOTING THE BILL FOR ALL THE HI DOLLAR WHOREZ TO LIVE OFF USA TAXPAYERS AND STILL STAND AT THE POLLS AS IF OUR VOTES COUNT ANYMORE!I SAY VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE AND DECLARE FREE NATION ONCE AND FOR ALL! B4 THEY TAKE GUNS AND AMMO!


Florida just made living off grid illegal.
The is due to THE INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE Which is hidden in agenda 21. They come up with subtitles depending on the local agenda. See for yourself by googling if the IPMC is part of agenda 21. So Agenda 21 is in Florida.


We must stop agenda 21 and GET THE UN OUT OF THE US!


Thanks be to God Almighty! Another person fighting against the Socialist International organization's program. I will never support Sustainable Development, Social or Environmental Justice nor programs relative to saving the planet or turning it into something that no one will recognize. Nor, for that matter, will I stop working against the Nazi Parties all over the world and their threat of fully implementing worldwide domination, the acceptance of euthanisation-of the elderly, physically or (supposedly) mentally ill or the deeming of anyone, especially those who do not agree with Socialism/Nazism as insane and that they should be locked up in insane asylums which are our current-day 'mental' institutions. The new health care bill that the big O worked upon long before he was ever elected is identical to Action_T4 and it includes euthanisation and a whole lot of other things that the past German reich implemented and committed itself to.

Buy Boots

Great~~~~But does that mean we should reject everything he said? Isn’t this a classic example of the old cliché: throwing the baby out with the bathwater?????

Gary Anderson

I Gary A. Anderson have been fighting the 2050 Plan (ICLEI) the strong arm of Agenda 21 for about a year now but the heat turned on after Obama signed and ratified LOST of the United Nations, a convention of Agenda 21! So much so, I am now an Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012 fighting Catch Shares and LOST, which encompass Agenda 21. Have you heard of the fisherman rallying in your cities and Washington? It is against Catch Shares, a part of sustainable living of Agenda 21. We shout I Fish, I Vote! to all against Agenda 21. Help me, Help you in fighting back to getting our Constitution and abolishing Agenda 21, which was never ratified by the Senate; just another Executive Order signed by Obama. The Senate can stop this if you all scream loud enough or if you do nothing and live life as usual, your freedom of everything is soon to be flushed down the toilet, with the United Nations using the Constitution as toilet paper!

Government is not the solution to our problem , government is the problem! I will attacked big government, big labor and big business, when it pertains to squelching the American worker and the American angler. You want to trim? Saving, Medicare, Social Security & Defense & cutting Discretionary Spending with most of NOAA's Fisheries Program and we save 1/3 of the budget of the country!
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012 approved by Gary A. Anderson
In-Kind Pol. Adv., for & approved by Gary A. Anderson
The Fl. Whig Party

Karen Bracken

WE MUST GET THE US OUT OF THE UN. People need to start paying attention to the environmentalist coming into their neighborhoods and telling them where and how to live. The end game is to abolish your right to own property and to push humans into human settlements while animals roam free across the land. 50+% of all land will be off limits to humans. Thank God there is a Governor that is catching on. We need to get more Governors involved and make them aware of what is going on in every state across America. If ICLEI is in your city/county then you are a victim of Agenda 21 no matter how much they deny it. Go to their website. Run ICLEI out of town FAST!!!

Neil Rice

Thank You, for what you are doing. Would like to let you know, that Fl. is having it's first AGENDA21 and ICLEI CONVENTION IN lAKELAND fL. jUNE 11TH. To enroll go to our NEW AGENDA21TODAY.COM WEBSITE. This website explains everything, please check it out. People have got to get educated. Neil Rice

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