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Newt This is it for Newt Gingrich - his one and only shot left at winning the Republican nomination for president.

Tweeting and Facebooking his way into the 2012 presidential campaign today, Gingrich enters a field of candidates that range from the improbable - Ron Paul - to the "who is he again? - Tim Pawlenty.

The GOP is crawling with wannabe, largely who-cares candidates. The most excitement so far has been generated by Donald Trump.

There is a huge personality void that Gingrich could fill - a space now occupied by Trump who keeps talking himself into stupidity.

No one has ever accused Gingrich of being stupid. And Gingrich surely knows that his entire legacy now rests on this campaign. Next month, Gingrich will be 68 - he is not going to get a do-over if he blows it this time.

Of all the potential candidates, Gingrich has the best shot at winning Florida. Gingrich spends a lot of time in the Sunshine State and he is popular with many Florida Republicans.

It is easy to be dismissive of Gingrich. Some Republicans says he lacks the discipline necessary to run a national campaign. One GOP strategist tells Crowley Political Report that Gingrich may not fully appreciate the rigors of a campaign.

Watch carefully in the coming months to see whether Florida's big money contributers get behind Gingrich - it will be an important clue to determining whether Gingrich can pull it off.


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