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Batteries for the flashlight? Check. Doors and windows bolted? Check. Food supplies for a year? Check.

Crowley Political Report is now ready for the worst. Clearly America is becoming unhinged and hoardes are at the gates.

That's the feeling one gets after listening to a speech Adam Hasner gave to Orlando's Young Republicans.  Hasner is apparently hoping to win the Florida  GOP nomination for U.S. Senate by scaring the bejesus out of us.

He's not alone of course. A lot of candidates these days give speeches as if a giant meteorite is just days from smashing Earth to smithereens.

Hasner is pretty good at it. The former Florida House majority leader, uses dire tones when he warns that America is in danger as much from the outside as from within.

"We cannot fight an enemy unless we are willing to acknowledge who that enemy is. That enemy has a name and it's Sharia compliant Islam.

"And we cannot allow political correctness or multiculturalism or appeasement to cripple our defenses at home or abroad because this is no longer just a threat on foriegn soil this is now also  a threat from those who seek to destroy us from within."

Hasner also makes it clear that he rejects the politics of his parents, "liberals from Brooklyn."

"It's not very often that you find a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family Jewish Republican who can get up and be agressive and be assertive on these issues. It's because I came of age during that time of Ronald Reagan when we believed in that American spirit. When we believe in that American exceptionalism."

Hasner believes it is all unraveling. "We as a country are not too big to fail."

He even takes a backhand to wimpy Republicans and hints that he's not pleased with the George W. Bush GOP-era.

"For a while there there was a blur between the two parties no one could really tell difference between what is a Republican and what is a Democrat.  ONe was for big government and one was for bigger government."

Of course, no hardline conservative can ignore the new hot issue - the infamous debt ceiling. Hasner says this is a "line in the sand" issue.

And while some Floridians might point to the BP oil spill as a reason not to drill off Florida's coast, Hasner remains unconvinced.

"I have always been, even when it wasn't popular, a supporter of drilling off Florida's coast, drilling in ANWAR, and new technologies to extract those resources from within our own country so that we can become less dependent and more energy secure."

He told his young audience that he supports a national right to work act and would save Social Security by raising the retirement age and using means testing for benefits.

Hasner was asked if he watched THE Royal Wedding. Hasner said he was boycotting the wedding even though his wife - Jillian Hasner, (campaign manager for Meg Whitman) informed him that she would be up at 4 a.m. to watch the wedding.

Hasner told the crowd that he joined his wife when he heard that the Syrian ambassador had been told he was not invited after all.

There's a lot of men who wished they dreamed up that excuse.


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