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Florida legislature can't decide 2012 presidential primary date

Apparently too busy to worry about little things like the date for next year's presidential primary - Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon wants to create a 10-person committee to figure it all out.

Really. A 10-person committee. Apparently the 120 members of the House and the 40 members of the Senate are not capable of handling this chore.

The question is really a simple one - Should Florida move the primary to March to comply with Republican National Committee rules or leave the primary on Jan 31, as now required by state law?New hampshire

Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada always have a hissy fit if any state crowds their calendar.  This argument has nothing to do with politics - it is all about the economy. The political tourism economy in the four self-annointed presidential king making states.

The threat to Florida is that the state will lose delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention which is to be held in Tampa.

This is really no threat at all. The GOP nominee will not go out of his/her way to alienate a state that will be vital to their chance of winning the White House.

There really is nothing at stake here for Florida. And even less reason for Cannon and Senate President Mike Haridopolos to call for a committee.

Let the other states sort it out for themselves.




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