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How can anyone take Trump seriously? It's actually funny and entertaining to read about him and the crap he keeps coming up with. It's insanely funny! Like Charlie Sheen funny! But at least Sheen doesn't plan on running in 2012. I hope. I'm so embarrassed for America. It should be Trump/Palin/Sheen (hec an be secretAry of defense, ok?) in 2012. That'd be the best bumper sticker since the Republicans for Voldemort ones.

I can't wait for the next crazy flip-flop from Trump. Hey! He can ask Sarah Palin about her grades and she can say he has no experience in govt. Wait, neither does she really, she pretty much had to step down from her job or risk hearing "Youre fired!"

too much fun!!!


When I was drafted in feb 1966 I had enough hours in my apprenticeship that I could have gotten a deferment ,but, after finishing my training I would have been drafted anyway ,and I wanted to get my military experience behind me, I was drafted and in feb 1968 I returned to civilian life and completed mt apprenticeship to become a journeyman ironworker ,so, why didn't Trump get drafted? Hmmm, that is strange.

Mike Courage

Hey Donny Trump, "Somebody" told me that you are an asshole. Thanks for providing the proof for all to see and hear. Show me YOUR grades and your draft records. Why do you refuse to show us your draft records? Could it be that you are a draft dodger?

Mike Courage

I just found out why Trump was able to dodge the military draft . He is NOT an American citizen. "Somebody" that I sent to South America has found proof that he was born somewhere down there, and was sold to the Trump family as part of a real estate deal. Therefore he can NOT run for president. Sorry Donny.


They have draft exemptions for rich people. All others would have to abide by the draft law.

glenn endress

hey mally...remember a guy named Reagan?


Everyone realizes Obama is probably the biggest media-whore politician ever, right?

glenn endress

Trump is one sorry individual...smoke and mirrors and no intestinal fortitude...if this man becomes president we will all suffer his meglomania...I thank God he wasn't in Nam with my brothers in arms and I...and I'm sure he feels the same way.

Jonny NYC

It's amazing to think about how much shady stuff is in Trump's background and then to think about the baseless accusations he makes against President Obama... and the brainless nutjobs that immediately believe this baseless stuff about Obama but then just accept everything Trump says as gospel. The whole thing is just amazing.

I just watched this video of Tea Party people at a gathering saying they believed Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya (there is, of course, absolutely *zero* evidence for either of these beliefs) and that they also plan on voting for Donald Trump for President.

Trump may have fooled the biggest idiots in America (Tea Partiers) but his BS is not going to work on anyone else.

Mike Courage

I do believe that Trump is a draft dodger.In 1968 at age 22 and out of college he should have been drafted. Just show me your draft records, Don. Also, he is NOT a self made man. In The Art of the Deal he states that when he graduated from college he had a net worth of $200,000. That is about $3M in todays dollars. It ALL came from deals with his rich father.


Forget about Palin and Trump being on the same ticket! They would spend all their time trying to see who would get the most media attention and would be disagreeing on everything. Trump certainly looks better than Palin in their reality show--the producer seems to have chosen to show the Donald in a good light and the Diva as a person who gets absolutely no respect from her family.

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