Florida Gov. Rick Scott's marketing crisis
Rick Scott says you shouldn't be surprised

Adam Hasner wastes no time attacking George LeMieux

Wow.....that was fast.

Crowley Political Report will have to check the records books but this may be the earliest that one candidate has attacked another in a Floirda U.S. Senate race.

Former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner sent out an email - complete with video - blasting former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux.

Interestingly, Hasner doesn't mention his other rival for the Republican nomination, Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos.

Here is the email. The video is after the email. Oh, and should we be surprised that the email turns into a request for a few bucks?

Dear Friend,


George LeMieux, the man Charlie Crist called his "maestro," and the press called Charlie Crist's "clone" announced yesterday that he wants to be the Republican nominee for the United States Senate in Florida as a reinvented conservative.

Conservatives across Florida and the country shouldn't just be outraged, we should be insulted. This is the same George LeMieux that once proudly said, "I describe myself as a Charlie Crist Republican" and said he was Crist's "junior partner."

The stakes in 2012 are too high. Conservatives need reinforcements in Washington, not reinvented politicians like George LeMieux.

For more than two decades, George LeMieux worked to attack conservatives and conservative ideas in Florida. He worked hand-in-hand with Charlie Crist to attack Jeb Bush's legacy in Florida. And when Marco Rubio announced he was running for Senate, George LeMieux attacked him too.

Now George LeMieux is trying to reinvent himself as a conservative. Don't be fooled. If we couldn't trust George LeMieux to stand up to Charlie Crist and stand up for Marco Rubio when it mattered, how can we trust LeMieux to stand up to politics as usual in Washington, D.C.?

But you can fight back. Donate today to Adam Hasner's US Senate Exploratory Committee.

Adam is a lifelong conservative who stood firm on the limited government principles we believe in, even when they weren't politically popular. With your support, Adam can continue his conversation with Floridians about the solutions needed to confront America's challenges.

Stand up for conservative principles. Send a message to George LeMieux and any other Charlie Crist Republicans running for United States Senate.

Thanks for your support,

Team Adam



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