Allen West is a sell out
Allen West calming down?

Sarah Palin to visit Rick Scott's hometown

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is expected in Naples, Florida next week for a "town hall" meeting.

Naples is where Florida Gov. Rick Scott calls home when he is not residing in Tallahassee. Not sure if Scott will join Palin at the March 23 event.

Only in Naples would you have a "town hall" meeting at the Ritz Carlton.

Palin will arrive in Naples for the Wednesday, 6 p.m. event after spending a few days in India and Israel.

Does her foreign travel mean she is ramping up her presidential campaign?

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alaskan cruises

We can't deny Sarah Palin's influence. Whether you like it or note, she's a suitable candidate for any government position. It's just that, she filed for campaign too early.

Brian E. Crowley

Rocky if you learn more about Palin's visit to Naples please share it with our readers....thank you.

Brian E. Crowley

Gipper...sometimes she takes questions from the media outside of an event but it would be unusual for anyone to take questions from the media during an event.

The Gipper

Will she take unscripted questions from the local media?

Rocky Racccon

Naples Town Hall Distinuished Speaker Series. I've heard its been around for 28 years and is an old Naples tradition. 108 speakers have spoken there including Maggie Thatcher, Jerry Ford,Madeliene Albright, and G HW Bush.

I'm going to call them to find out more.

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