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Rick Scott "Gosh this is great"

Rscott079 Even on the screen you could sense Gov. Rick Scott's excitement - and perhaps a hint of "I can't believe I'm here" as he gave his first State-of-the-State address before a joint session of the Florida Legislature.

"Gosh this is great" gushed Scott as he stood at the podium.

His speech was largely an extension of his campaign speech and predictably ended with his campaign tagline "let's get to work."

But he did have some rhetorical flourishes - "We build magic kingdoms. We launch ships that fly to the moon. Florida can be the state where the American dream continues to be a reality."

Some noted in their tweets during the speech that building magic kingdoms and launching ships to the moon also required heavy government spending. 

After Scott's speech there was the obligatory objections from Democrats.

"The governor’s budget uses a reverse Robin Hood approach. It takes money from the poor and middle class and gives tax breaks to the rich and to large corporations. While that may make a few big campaign contributors happy, it’s not fair and it’s not what most citizens want,” said
House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders

State Democratic Party chairman Rod Smith offered this - “Floridians are disappointed tonight because they saw Rick Scott is more interested in attacking government rather than attacking the many problems our state faces.”

If that is the best the Democrats have to offer, Scott can sleep well.

After his speech, Scott immediately met with a group of Tea Party supporters continuing to suggest that Rick Scott is more the leader of the Florida Tea Party than he is a Republican.

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