Rick Scott wins High Speed Rail decision in Florida Supreme Court
Can Rick Scott succeed with the Florida Legislature?

Mike Haridopolos already a failed candidate for U.S. Senate


Sure it may seem preposterous to declare a candidate dead long before the race to be Florida's next U.S. senator has really gotten underway but Crowley Political Report can give you 152,000 reasons.

Really Mike what were you thinking? If someone is going to pay you $152,000 to write a book, it better be one helluva a book.

Florida Legislative History and Process is not one helluva book. It is one helluva taxpayer ripoff. Yup, you paid for the book - and I'll bet you don't even have a copy.

Back to the orignial premise - Haridopolos' campaign for U.S. Senate is toast.

He now is the subject of ridicule by New York Times columnist Gail Collins. Even worse for Haridopolos, he got hammered in a column on the conservative website Red State.

 The column written by Bloggy Bayou, otherwise known as E. Royce White Jr, is brutal.

An excerpt:

Question: What do you call a College Professor (who also was also an Elected member of the State Legislature) who got 152 grand of Taxpayer’s money  to write a 175 double-spaced book on “politics” in Florida that, until the scandal broke, had only one copy published?

Answer: A rip-off artist and lousy guardian of the Public Treasury. If a regular person had done such a deed, he would have gone to jail.  This act alone should disqualify Haridopolis from the Senate and a CRIMINAL INQUIRY needs to be set in motion over this. PERIOD.  Enough is Enough.

All this is good news for potential Republican U.S. Senate candidates Adam Hasner, George LeMieux, Connie Mack and whatever strays may show up.

Haridopolos still has the advantage of being Senate President which for the next 60 days will help keep his name in the news. But sessions are also fraught with pitfalls and Haridopolos can't afford another one.

He has given his rivals an opportunity to task him to task for taking advantage of taxpayers and writing a book that is a sham. 

To some it may not seem like enough to stop him from winning the GOP nomination but voters remain angry and the Tea Party - which will go a long way toward deciding the nomination - is not likely to support Haridopolos after this embarassment.


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