Do newspapers still matter?
Gov. Rick Scott wears a Panama hat

Jimmy Buffett goes to the Tallahassee press corps skits

Skits graham and buffett 

Word is that Florida Gov. Rick Scott is not exactly embracing the 56th sometimes annual Tallahassee Press Corps skits that will be going on tonight.

There was a time when some members of the press corps worried that the governor was getting too involved in the skits.

That governor was Bob Graham who put on elaborate counter-programming that often eclipsed the best efforts of the press corps.

In 1985, Graham brought along Jimmy Buffett and the two sang a duet - well Buffet sang, Graham did make a sound that would not described as singing in many cultures.

In his final skit in 1986, Graham declared himself "governor for life" and marched in with the entire FAMU Marching 100.

Skits Graham 

Really, Gov. Scott be a sport. As Crowley Political Report noted in a previous post - there's a perfect character for you to play.

And it might help you avoid this from the press corps.

Skits 4 

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