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Admit it...that's a picture you would like to see - Gov. Rick Scott donning a Panama hat when he leaves to visit the Panama Canal Wednesday.

He is taking a commercial flight from Miami to Panama leaving his private jet at the Miami airport. Crowley Political Report can't help but wonder whether Scott will be traveling First Class, Business Class or Coach.

Scott's trade mission to Panama is an effort to convince folks that after the widening of the canal is completed in 2014, those large container ships should stop at ports in Miami and Jacksonville.

Scott is convinced that Florida could become an even greater hub for international commerce with the Sunshine State's proximity to the Panama Canal.

Now about those hats. While Sean Connery and a host of other celebrities have adorned their skullsSean connery  with the classic Panama hat,  Crowley Political Report has learned that Panama Hats are not from Panama.

The folks from Ecuador are the creators of the Panama Hat. We get this from the website Panador.

Surprisingly, the Panama Hat is not from Panama. It's always been made in Ecuador. The misnomer stuck after the Ecuadorian straw hats were worn by workers building the Panama Canal for protection against the heat and sun.

Scott returns on Friday. We suspect he will be hatless.

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