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AllenWest Reflecting on Florida's Congressman Allen West's speech before the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches Friday, Crowley Political Report has come to the conclusion that the former Army Lt. Colonel may be calming down a bit.

Now this is in relative sense.

West still tosses red meat to the crowd. He still acts as if the United States is in immediate peril of disappearing from the continent.

But his overall tone was, well, calmer.

And the overflow crowd - most of them - loved him.

So what is the appeal?  Mostly, it appears to be that he really believes what he says and pulls no punches. And people - some whom you would least expect, were eating it up.

West will describe the prison facilities at Guantanamo as a "5 star resort" compared to what prisoners are entitled to receive.

And he notes that not only is he pro-life but he believes abortion is an "epidemic" in the black community.

West, 50, describes himself as a "regular guy"  who can outrun the average college kid in a six mile race.

He calls the Tea Party "one of the greatest things" to happen to America - which seems like a helluva of an assessment coming from a man who prides himself on being a student of American history.

West is still a simmering stew of conflicting emotions...but he did appear a touch calmer.

And, he's able to make his audience laugh, even as he warns that there may be doom ahead.

It is an interesting combination.

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Art by Brian J. Crowley, Chicago based artist, illustrator and graphic designer


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Neal Lang

"West is still a simmering stew of conflicting emotions...but he did appear a touch calmer."

Unlike POTUS, Lt. Col. Allen West has NO CONFLIGHTING EMOTIONS. If you believe otherwise, then kindly delineate them!


Brian --
In my view, there's no conflict in Allen West's mind. Listen to his interviews with Roland Martin and Katie Couric. 'Steadfast' and 'clarity' come to mind. You never see Congressman West 'calibrating' the content of his message to different audiences. He's not the typical politician who merely recites talking points. He's less afraid of the 'US immediately sliding off the continent' but rather that America is marching in the wrong direction. I've yet to see a 'deer in the headlights' moment with West. West's power is his clear vision, purpose, and leadership experience. Check it out yourself. Congressman West is the real deal.

Michele Hickford

Sir, it is not simply "it appears to be that he really believes what he says and pulls no punches." Yes, he has integrity, and yes his down-to-earth communication style is direct.

But it's the CONTENT of the message! West believes we can restore this country with CONSERVATIVE principles of limited government and a strong defense. He understands what changes we need to make, what is essential, and what needs to be eliminated.

Some times you need to fire up the crowd. Sometimes you simply need to speak the truth. West knows when to do either, or both.

Brian E. Crowley

Thank you SSgt Dart. I should note that my brother - Patrick Crowley - also does much of the artwork for Crowley Political Report.

Semper Fi

S. Dart

Mr. Crowley,

Semper fi to you, keep being an idealist.
Your son's artwork is a great asset to your postings.

SSgt S. Q. Dart
Altamonte Springs, FL

micheal corrison

if a women makes a false rape accusation against a man, and the man is killed because of it, the standard sentencing for the women in 3 months probation. women usually get 1 year probation for killing a man.

Brian E. Crowley

Major Stolz - Maybe I'm an idealist but I think there are many folks on boths sides of the political spectrum who are willing to confront major issues and follow the ideals they believe in.

Thank you for reading Crowley Political Report and Semper Fi.

Brian E. Crowley

Blooker68...thank you for your kind remark about the artwork. The artist is my son who works in Chicago as an artist and graphic designer. He also has his own web comic


Excellent drawing.

Allen West for Pres-i-dent.

Frank Stolz

Lt.Col./Representative Alan West is perhaps the only politician ready and willing to confront not only the major issues that confront our nation, but also his opponents and enemies as well. He is one of the few men in America willing to stand up and be counted when it comes to right and wrong, and when it comes to the protection and safety of our nation. R/S- Major Frank C. Stolz, USMC Ret.

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