Newt Gingrich in Florida today - is he running?
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Tea Party takes on Florida's capital - Wisconsin again?


Emails are flying inviting Tea Party supporters to travel to Tallahassee to fight for pension reform and less government spending.

Everett Wilkinson of the South Florida Tea Party is telling "dear patriots" that, "if you thought we were going to take our country back without a fight, you were wrong."

 He continues:  Like many of you I watched this past week as "union thugs" try to terrorize Wisconsin Legislators into giving way to immoral plunder of future generations’ prosperity. There are many teachers and union members who are in the tea party or agree with us. The Liberals are doing all they can to use them against us. The reality is that our country is broke and have to cut spending.

...Today the battle is Wisconsin, however in just a few weeks the battle will be here in Florida.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has been a huge favorite among Florida's Tea Party supporters. When he announced his proposed budget he left Tallahassee and traveled to Eustis to speak before a crowd of Tea Party loyalists.

Since then, Scott has had some pushback from Florida lawmakers and it will be interesting to see how GOP House and Senate leaders react to rallies on their doorstep.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, state troopers have been sent to find the 14 Senate Democrats who fled the state in an effort to deny Republican Gov. Scott Walker the quorum needed for the senate to do its business.

With Florida's Republican legislature having a veto-proof majority in both the Senate and House, Democrats could take off to Georgia but it would have no impact on pending legislation.

The rally is set for March 10.

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