Rick Scott is the third GOP governor to reject high speed rail money
Even Jeb Bush wonders what Rick Scott is doing

Rick Scott snubs Florida legislature

GOP HATCHETT Really, truly, who in the world is giving Florida Rick Scott legislative advice.

Dear governor, you do not toss out a pet legislative project - like the high speed rail - and then either let lawmakers read about it on Twitter or in a text message.

Scott notified the Obama administration that Florida will not be accepting $2.4 billion in stimulus funds to build a high speed rail between Tampa and Orlando.

Then he had a press conference.

Meanwhile, Florida Senate budget chief learned about the decision from text messages. Other Republican leaders found out from other online sources but not the governor's office.

"Not only did he not give me any inkling this was coming but he didn't ask my opinion on it," said state Sen. Jack Latvala, chairman of the Transportation and Economic Development Committee.

"He's a wonderful man personally, very nice humble man. But he will learn that the legislature has some responsibilities, that we are an equal branch of government. We're not a subservient branch of government," Latvala said.

Scott should listen carefully to that remark.

You don't go out of your way to blow up one of the biggest projects in Central Florida history without giving due notice to legislative leaders.

It tends to tick them off. 

"I would certainly encourage him to pay a little more attention to the constitution and budgeting rules," said J.D. Alexander, chairman of the senate budget committee.

What we are talking about here is not whether Scott's decision is right or wrong. We're talking about developing a working relationship between the governor's office and the legislature.

Look closely at what Latvala and Alexander said - they are warning Scott that they will not tolerate being treated as a lesser branch of government.

Recently, Scott decided his staff will no longer appear before Sen. Mike Fasano's Subcommittee on Crime and Criminal Justice Appropriations because they didn't like Fasano's attitude.

Even if other senators agree that Fasano was out of line, history suggests that lawmakers will not take kindly to the governor's reaction. If for no other reason than their natural concern that if they are too tough, Scott's staff might not show up at their hearings.

If Scott enters his first legislative session with a hostile relationship with the House and Senate, he will find out just what it means to have a veto-proof legislature.

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Dan Chase

Let the debate begin.

Florida as a tourist state could have used this.

Only my opinion, but I think he made a big mistake.

Time will tell, but until time does tell, we lose the money and the jobs and a chance to make Florida unique.

This is where people come to spend their money and have a good time.

Scott didn't like the idea because it wasn't his. I think he just shot himself in the foot, actually both feet. Excuse the pun, but he is a train wreck and he just wrecked Florida's chance for something great.

Let's all meet in the virtual square and protest this stupidity.

Tim Heath

The State of Florida Nor the United States Federal Goverment needs to be spending money they neither one have for such a project as this high speed rail. If there where that much real avaiable money it could be utilized it better was than on a project the Florida citizens voted down because it will not support its self.
We need to wake up-- there is no FREE MONEY it all comes from tax payers.

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