Even Jeb Bush wonders what Rick Scott is doing
Florida balks, New Hampshire prepares for temper tantrum

Rick Scott derails a woman's dream.


 A woman called eager to chat. She was starting a new business that would be tied to Florida's new High Speed Rail train that would run from Tampa to Orlando and she wanted some advice.

My next message from her was she couldn't talk. She was distraught. Florida Gov. Rick Scott had just announced that the Sunshine State was bailing out of the rail business.

A day later, the woman called again. She still hopes the high speed rail will happen. She still plans to go ahead with a business plan. Only this time with far less certainty.

The fact is that if Scott believes building a high speed rail in Florida is bad for the state than he is right to do what he did. But an awful lot of folks think he is wrong - and not all of them have a financial stake in the outcome.

Yesterday, 15 Republican state senators were joined by 11 Democratic senators, in telling the governor they believe he is wrong.

Today, Republican Senate President Mike Haridopolos, who earlier supported the high speed rail, now joins Scott in opposition.

Of course Haridopolos is running for the U.S. Senate and now the high speed rail is just an Obama boondoggle that will destroy the country.

Ditto Scott, who after explaining why the high speed rail is bad business for Florida goes on to rail against Obama.

So is the unemployed woman losing her dream to start her own business because the train is bad for Florida or because it is good for political ambition?

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