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Newt Gingrich meets Tiger in Palm Beach

No, not that Tiger.

While Tiger Woods has built an impressive mansion on nearby Jupiter Island, Gingrich will be in West Palm Beach today spending time with the four legged version.

The former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and potential Republican presidential candidate is spending the afternoon at the Palm Beach Zoo.

While there, Gingrich is expected to speak about the rapidly diminishing population of tigers which are in danger of becoming extinct within a generation.Tiger

There are an extimated 3,200 tigers left. Several species of tigers are already extinct. Earlier this year, an international conservation summit to look for ways to save tigers was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. The summit was called by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio also participated

Among the most endangered of the tigers is the Malayan tiger. There are only few hunder of those tigers left in the wild. The Palm Beach Zoo is part of a breeding effort to help save Malayan tigers. The zoo's pair of male and female tigers were introduced and hope springs eternal.

While at the zoo, Gingrich will meet tigers Berapi and Rimba. During his tour of the zoo he will spend time with other endangered species from koalas to jaguars. 

Newt Gingrich and Palm Beach Zoo president and CEO, Dr. Terry Maple, were co-authors of a 2007 book about the environment, A Contract with the Earth, which was applauded by conservationists, environmentalists and government leaders.

Is this the softer side of Newt?

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