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Everything is not rosy for former Republican Congressman Mark Foley who was forced to resign in disgrace, but as a story by Brendan Farrington of the Associated Press shows, Foley's hometown has been willing to give him a second chance.

As Farrington found, there are still plenty of folks that strongly object to Foley's conduct but overall his return to a public life has been successful enough that he was recently considered a serious candidate for West Palm Beach mayor.

It's an interesting read that also includes a few comments from Crowley Political ReportFarrington's story is here.


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Mark Foley deserves a second chance from everyone! He has a good heart people do stupid stuff sometime but god is the one who ultimately has the right to judge anyone for their action not humans. I know where he is coming from me myself have been molested as a child and am a closeted gay. It is such a burden to have this bottled up inside feeling like no one in the world understants you. We need to let people know it alright and lots of people truly care about them. Its so much weight on your shoulders you cannot be yourself around anyone just miserable everyday but you try to push it aside and make people think you are just like them. That's what society does not understand, its fine to be different. People are afraid of what they do not understand. We need to educate people about sexual violence survivors and sexual identity to let people know there is a ear out there willing to listen. If we are able to do that we could all save lives, we do not listen until we hear of someone that was depressed and had no one to turn to and just listen, to have someone to just say "I UNDERSTAND" its going to be OK! People don't do anything until it is too late, I can't imagine what Mr.Foley went through its a living HELL for me every wakeing minute. He was under a social media magnified glass and the whole country was watching just for a second put yourself in his shoes with felling of shame,self hate, feeling worthless ashamed of who you are and the anxiety of being unhappy and never going to find love because we are scared of what exactly a lot of people and the media say and print in paooers for the whole world to see. Now he could live his life happy out of the closet %100 honest and looking for love. It does not matter about the people who say bad about a person but the ones who are willing to forgive and try to help no matter how small the gesture. A simple hi how are you doing could easily save somones life. PLEASE if you suspect someone of being in the closet or have suspisions of being sexually abuse try to help them instead of talking bad about that person to someone else. God will reward you in the kingdom of heaven for helping someone get through a life crisis. Please think and try o put yourself in someone elses position to see how you would feel or what would help. Thank you for your time. Sorry so long it is really just a touchy subject for me. God bless all and be safe.. Good day

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