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It is time to stop talking about Jeb Bush for president

Jeb Bush does not want to run  for president.

Certainly not in 2012. Bush has made that clear - repeatedly.

He has become the perfect fantasy candidate for some conservatives who believe that Bush is the rightful heir to the Bush family throne.

But a new poll by Fox News shows that Jeb Bush would lose to President Obama 54-34 in a hypothetical match-up between the two men.

Hang on to that word hypothetical.

Everything written and said about the 2012 presidential campaign is hypothetical at this point. The only real, continuing certainty is that Jeb Bush is not running.

Look, take him at his word. He's been saying it for years. Jeb Bush is not running for president - not in 2012 and probably never.

On the other hand, most Florida Republicans would love to see Bush run for the U.S. Senate against Democrat Bill Nelson.

It would be a helluva race. And if the former governor won, he would have new platform for his beloved topic of education reform.

But president. Not gonna happen.



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