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Poor Mr. Scott & Mr. Bush. It is clear that we cannot understand two super clever minds like them. Scott is the genius of transportation and state economy, and J. Bush is the genius of education. It seems that this last, is ready to open advanced calculus courses for PRE-K students allover U.S.
GOD BLESS AMERICA (we need it!)


Yes, since Scott mysteriously got himself elected as gov (nobody is admitting having voted for him?) maybe with a little help from the FL Secy. of State, Florida is radioactive in regard to attracting newcomers. Trust me, your vote will not count as the national GOP machine swoops down in election season and does their election fraud! Many of us are waiting our chance to blow this gig. And you will find the most ignorant in FL's panhandle, be warned!


Are you kidding me? What a BOZO ! I knew Florida had a reputation for crooked elections, but this is pure STUPIDITY. How did this guy get elected? I was looking at buying a retirement home in the Florida Panhandle, but this really makes me wonder if I would really want to live in Florida. I thought that my current state was backward, but I don't think our governor is THAT STUPID.

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