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Does anyone seriously believe that Donald Trump is running for president?

Not here at Crowley Political Report. We've been to this play before.  Lots of media hype for a couple of months and then Trump moves on to his next advertising plan.

Frankly, when Trump spoke to CPAC, he sounded a lot more like a guy who wants to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He tossed out the words "war" and "battle" and "victory" more than a dozen times.

"I've won many wars," said Trump to an enthusiastic crowd.

He sounded like he was ready to take military action against OPEC telling the crowd that he would tell OPEC leaders that oil prices "better get lower and it better get lower fast."

As an aside Trump said he would take on the Somali pirates - "give me one good admiral and a couple of good ships and we'd blast them out of the water so fast."

Guess all those nations that are trying to do just that need an admiral like Trump.

Which is why Crowley Political Report really believes Trump wants to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. And he seemed to be hinting just that. Not only did he talk about wars, battles, and taking on OPEC and pirates, Trump also mentioned that he went to military school.

Now, Trump was never actually in the military - but seriously, isn't a fancy military school just as good.

The only problem for Trump to overcome would be the Pentagon.

Lord knows, Trump could never work in such an unpretentious building.

So expect that Admiral Trump - we expect a congressional appointment - to move the Pentagon to the 126 room Mar-a-lago, his Palm Beach residence and private country club.

The Pentagon brass would love it. Here's part of the description on the Mar-a-lago website:

Mar a lago 
Naturally, membership at the club has its privileges.

The use of world class formal and casual dining, bridge, croquet, tennis (Mar-a-Lago’s 5 clay and one grass court complex is a recipient of the Court of the Year Award from the United States Tennis Court & Track Builders Association), The Trump Spa, The Beach Club and a calendar full of parties, wine tasting dinners, fashion shows and star-studded entertainment throughout the social season are all for the taking.

So let Admiral Trump add missles to his yatch and take on those Somali pirates. 


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