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Rick Scott, the velvet rope and my guy

Who in the world is Rick Scott?

RickScott This morning Crowley Political Report was asked this basic question during a television interview - who in the world is Rick Scott?

It wasn't phrased quite that way but it was the essence of the question - the same question that comes up in one form or another in every discussion about Florida's 45th governor.

And that remains a problem for Scott.

Being a CEO is one thing. Being governor is something else entirely.  Scott no doubt understands that intellectually but understanding it on gut level is something else.

Customers don't have to like or even know the CEO of a company. But to govern effectively it is helpful if Floridians know, trust and like their governor.

Squeaking into office is not a mandate. Especially when the vote was more about "change" than about the personality.

Sure people want change but they also want change for the other guy. And change is harder to swallow if there is not a fundmental belief that the guy in charge is doing what is right.

Yesterday was the party. Today is the first day on the job as governor. Scott should push hard for the things that he believes in - that is the consequence of elections.

But Scott begins his first day with lingering doubt about whether he can be trusted. And even without that cloud, Scott is so little known that it will not take much for voters to turn on him.

None of that means Scott should fear taking bold actions. But he must move forward in an open and candid way.  He must avoid the appearance of secrecy and dealmaking.

Floridians must trust Scott above all else. If they do not, those who oppose Scott's plans will have an easy time blocking them.

Art by Brian J. Crowley


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