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Rick Scott and inaugural intrigue

Vice President Rick Scott

Rscott079 On Tuesday, Rick Scott becomes Florida's 45th governor.  Could he be the nation's 48th vice president?

Okay, maybe two weeks in Washington D. C., is muddling Crowley Political Report, but consider this - if you are Florida's governor, someone is thinking you might be a dandy vice-president.

It happens every four years. Sometimes, Jeb Bush comes to mind, there are folks who think you ought to be president. But Florida governors (and U.S. Senators) usually are only in the running for the number two slot.

The first Republican governor who dreamed of being vice-president was Claude Kirk. Richard Nixon had other ideas.  Al Gore considered U.S. Sen. Bob Graham and picked Joe Liberman instead.

The 2012 election offers a feast of potentional Republican presidential candidates. And the next two years will be boom years for GOP operatives.

If Rick Scott is having a good run as Florida's governor, the GOP nominee and the national media will start talking about Scott being on the "short list."  The short list usually contains dozens of names but Scott could be a real finalist.

Expect the first hints as soon as this summer probably by a conservative columnist.

By the summer of 2012, Scott - assuming he is not a disaster - could be getting a lot of national attention as Republicans begin to gather in Tampa for their national convention.

It all starts today in Tallahassee.



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No problem. I really enjoy your blog, although I do not comment. Keep up the great work!

Brian E. Crowley

Right you are Sam. I should refrain from writing in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for the catch.


I'm pretty sure Al Gore picked Joe Lieberman to be his running mate. The idea being that Lieberman would motivate the huge Jewish population in Florida. John Kerry picked John Edwards as his running mate.

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