Rick Scott and inaugural intrigue
Who in the world is Rick Scott?

Gov. Rick Scott's new ideas

There surely was a shudder going through Tallahassee government offices today when Gov. Rick Scott said during his inaugural speech that "we'll get rid of every agency" before quickly correcting himself with the word "program" that doesn't work.

Scott laughed at his error saying "that will be in every paper."

And it will.

But Scott should not have considered his slip of the tongue a gaffe. Under his philosophy of governing - if it doesn't work fix it or toss it - dysfunctional agencies should be repaired or closed.

Many of Scott's ideas are not new.  Rarely does a governor really have a new idea. Frankly, most know so little about Florida history that they simply think they are having a new idea.

The question, however, is not whether the ideas are new or old. Afterall, the Florida legislature passed a teacher performance/merit pay bill in 1947.

The real question is whether a governor can really make important, lasting changes that improve the lives of Floridians,

Unfortunately, the answer all too often is no. Many of a governor's successes are undone shortly after he leaves office - and sometimes while he is still in office.

Enjoy the festivities - the building of a Scott's legacy begins tomorrow.


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