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Rick Scott and Florida's checkbook

Ann Scott and the girl with the dragon tattoo

Here at Crowley Political Report we have often commented on the fact that Floridians know very little about Gov. Rick Scott.

And in fact, Floridians know even less about their new First Lady, Ann Scott.

Mary Ann Lindley, a veteran columnist at the Tallahassee Democrat, recently spent some time at the governor's mansion speaking with Mrs. Scott.

"Florida's new first lady is warm and outgoing, admits to being a sociable person, and has a big touch of down-to-earth ease that, I'd imagine, puts others at ease too," writes Lindley.

The couple have moved around a lot over the years and Lindley describes Mrs. Scott as very adaptable to wherever she lives.

A fan of reading - yes, even the newspapers her husband says he ignores - Mrs. Scott said one of the books she is reading is the best seller by Stieg Larrson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

If you want a glimpse of Florida's new First Lady read Lindley's report here.


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Girly Tattoos

Hello : )
Why people (society in general) still pre-judge people with tats. girls especially?
I'm a 26 year old F, have got 10 tattoos, most of which cannot be seen on my every day travels. 5 - 6 during the warm months are pretty much constantly on display. I don't work for attention and i also have a loving boyfriend Without Any TATTOOS .I get the impression that a majority of people think that tattooed people are blind, once we get stared at, even if we return a glance many people keep on looking. When will society change?

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