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Rick Scott says Florida unemployed less important than deficit

With 106,000 Floridians about to lose their unemployment benefits, Gov.-elect Rick Scott told Bloomberg he would "love" it if they could still get help but not if it adds to the federal deficit.

Scott, who becomes Florida's newest Republican governor next month, is probably feeling the pain of his personal deficit after spending $78 million of his own dough to win the November election.

When Bloomberg reporter Margaret Brennan asks about the plight of 106,000 Floridians about to  lose their checks, Scott says:

"Well you know, what's tough is that we've got to find cuts in government to pay for these things and so I think it is a real problem. All of us got elected, I clearly got elected to reign in the size of state government. No one wants to see these continued federal deficits so I think they have got to figure out how they are going to reduce government spending to be able to do that."

Brennan: "So you don't want to see those 106,000 Floridians get that extension of jobless benefits?"

Scott:  "I'd love for them to get it, but they've got to reduce, I'd love for them to get it. I'd love for them to get it. But they have got to figure out how they are going to reduce government spending to be able to do it.

"It is really a tough time. We cannot continue to run the big deficits. It's scaring people, it's creating all this uncertainty. Business people are saying look I know my taxes are going to have to go up. There is all this uncertainty if they keep spending money and running these deficits."



 Wonder if there is any uncertainty for the Floridians who cannot find jobs and are about to lose their unemployment checks?

See more of Scott's interview here.


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Blah Blah Blah thats what I see!! Never mind the millions of people that don't have jobs and now no unemployment!!!

He really doesn't care just like I thought!....


Exactly what is he proposing the jobless to do ? Starve in the streets?
He needs to bring the jobs back to Florida. Until that happens, the people who have lost jobs through no fault of their own should be his first priority !

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