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Rick Scott needs to do an episode of Undercover Boss

Rscott079 Have you seen the CBS show Undercover Boss?

It is an interesting premise. The bigshot of a major company goes "undercover" to work for a week as an entry level employee in his own company.

The other workers - who have no idea it's a company bigshot - are told that a camera crew is following the new employee for a documentary about new workers in that industry. The first episode followed Waste Management Inc.,  President Larry O'Donnell as he worked a garbage route, toiled at a dump and did other entry level jobs.

He learned a lot about the sometimes unrealistic demands the company was putting on employees and O'Donnell got ideas on how to improve things for them and the company.

This week, Florida's Governor-elect Rick Scott is on a five-day, jobs tour. He's doing photo ops, mingling with a few workers and spending considerable time in private meeting with corporate leaders.

Some reporters are concerned about the private meetings.  Their concern is unfounded. Governors are entitled to meet with business leaders in private and  should if they want to hear what is really on their minds.

The bigger problem may be that hanging out with the suits is all that Scott is comfortable doing. He may have spent a few years in public housing but that was a very long time ago.

Scott has been a CEO for much of his adult life and you get the feeling he didn't spend much time in the employee cafeteria.

Even his transition teams show a certain level of elitism. You would be hardpressed to fine many small business owners, local school board members, nurses, or working stiffs on his transition teams.

Florida's new governor remains painfully aloof from ordinary Floridians. He needs to spend some serious time speaking with them - hearing their concerns and their ideas.

Hell, he can even do it in private.

Art by Patrick Crowley


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What was that saying from the movie "Forrest Gump"? Oh, now I remember, "STUPID IS IS STUPID DOES."
Florida just got the best governor that Money could buy.....

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