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Florida's newly minted Congresswoman-elect Frederica Wilson is surrending her hat challenge.

And golly, guess who she is blaming for the Mad Hatter silliness - the media.

Of course.

It was the media who made Wilson argue that she should be exempt from a House rule forbidding members to wear hats on the floor.

And surely it was the media that made her say she would ask the incoming House Speaker - Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio - to give her a hat exemption.  Certainly an important issue for all Floridians.F wilson

Yup. It's all the media's fault.

The Washington Post reported today on Wilson's quiet surrender. 

An excerpt:

She carefully crafts her ensembles, taking matchy-matchy to unprecedented heights of audacity. Indeed, a photograph of her at the recent House office lottery, in which she is wearing a fire-engine-red suit and matching cowboy hat drenched in sequins, has made the rounds in the millinery blogosphere. (Yes, there is such a thing.)

"I love the fact that she was confident enough to go sailing into the old boys' network wearing that hat and that red suit," says New York milliner Kokin - one name only, please - who has designed hats for Laura Bush, Barbara Walters, Queen Latifah and the extravaganza known as Ebony Fashion Fair.

"In her world, she's Lady Gaga."


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