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Chuck Todd: Alex Sink worst candidate of 2010

Asink[1] At first it may seem like a harsh verdict - Democratic Alex Sink's failed campaign for Florida governor dubbed as the "worst campaign" in the nation.

MSNBC's Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie gave Sink the "Chuvannah Award" with Todd wondering how Sink could lose in Florida against a candidate whose company paid a $1.7 billion fine for Medicare fraud.

While that is an oversimplification, Chuvannah is right that Sink ran a pretty dismal campaign. Long before Republican Rick Scott became a candidate Democrats were worrying that the less-than-exciting Sink was going to lose to the even more less-than-exciting Bill McCollum.

Her message was weak. Her performance dull. And no, she did not lose because of Obama.



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I volunteered on Alex Sink's campaign. She was badly outspent in a state where the Republicans whipped up anger and racism to a fever pitch. I asked Scott supporters why they voted for Scott and to a one it was to send a message to Obama. Never mind that Scott was a creepy crook and Alex Sink was a competent, moderate and honest state administrator and business woman. Tough to fight the non-stop lies and misinformation with only a fraction of Scott's budget. She almost won, and if this had been a more literate and educated state she would have won.

becky dumes

I am appalled at your choice for "Worst Candidate". This is Florida-not a state with the most knowledgeable, intelligent voters. They voted for anyone who had an "R' by their name,no matter what. They did not care about Scott's Medicare Fraud record-typical. They voted for Pam Bondi for AG,who never prosecuted a case-yep,makes total sense! The Democratic slate of candidates were amongst the best I have ever seen and they all lost because of Obama-no matter what you say.
By the way, I am a Democrat.

Joey in Florida

Especially when you consider the large number of Medicare beneficiaries who live in Florida. It's bizarre Rick Scott got elected, just a sign of the times we live in.

Now, Rick, GET TO WORK!

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