Florida Democrats isolated and irrelevant
Rick Scott puts his lawyer in charge

Who is Rick Scott?

RickScott Florida's 45th governor is a virtual stranger to most Floridians.

Sure, most folks know that Rick Scott is a Republican businessman who got into a wee bit of trouble with one of the companies he once ran.

People understand that he is a conservative, a family man and someone who is not particularly deft in debates.

But Florida's governor-elect is one of the least known figures to move into the governor's mansion. Governors Lawton Chiles, Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist - to name a few - had spent years in Florida politics before winning the governor's race.

Floridians did not even know Scott existed seven months ago. $73 million of campaigning gave Scott name recognition but not much more.

Who will be Scott's top advisers? When he has to make a tough decision to whom does he turn to get that final word of advice? What kind of people will appoint to courts, agencies and countless commissions and advisory groups?

What is his decision making process? Is he fond of international trade missions? What relationship will he have with Tallahassee lobbyists? Will he talk to reporters? Does he believe in Florida's open meetings and public records laws?

What is his work style? Chiles believed in short days.  Bush never stopped working.

Floridians may not have known the answers to all of these questions - and more - when others became governor. But they had been in the public arena long enough for Floridians to form a sense about them.

Scott has won but he still has a lot to do to build a personal relationship with the people he is about to lead.

He can't get started soon enough.

Art by Brian J. Crowley


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