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Rick Scott stops in West Palm Beach


Dean LaVallee is drenched.  His restaurant - Park Avenue BBQ - is packed with a good chunk of the lunchtime crowd having no idea that Rick Scott is about to pull up in campaign motorhome.

LaVallee is dashing around his popular restaurant trying to make sure everything is running smoothly. Dozens have gathered outside to wait for Scott to arrive.  LaValle smiles and says there was a time when he would not allow politicians to use his restaurants for events but now he more than welcomes them.

"I think it is important that people get a chance to hear what the candidates have to say," says LaValle.

Beth Kigel, Scott's Palm Beach County chairman, organized the event.  Prominent attorney Wendy Sartory Link, developer E. Llywd Ecclestone and former congressman Mark Foley are there.

Scott steps off the bus and the crowd cheers. One man is holding a yellow "don't tread on me" flag.

Scott speaks briefly and, frankly, he doesn't do as good a job of revving up the crowd as does CFO candidate Jeff Atwater.

But the Scott folks seem confident. They appear to genuinely believe that despite polls showing the race a dead heat, Scott will eek out a victory and become Florida's next governor.

No matter what happens tomorrow the BBQ at Park Avenue is damn good.

Art by Patrick Crowley

The two most important people in the Florida election


Obama cartoonCrowley Political Report artist Patrick Crowley gives us a view of Florida and the nation's two most influential politicians this year.  Democrats couldn't stay far enough away from them and Republicans couldn't win without them.

Whether you were running for govenor, U.S. Senate or a local office you had to distance yourself from President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to appease angry voters who believe that Obama and Pelosi have single-handedly ruined their lives.

Much of the rhetoric during this election year was over-the-top nonsense but few people listen to logical discussion when they are pissed off.  Republicans made the most of it and Democrats were largely inept.

Both in Florida and nationally election day is expected to be a disaster for Democrats. The best hope for Florida Democrats is Alex Sink who still has a chance of defeating Republican Rick Scott in the governor's race.

Should Sink win, she will instantly become a Democratic star - because she will be one of the few good news stories for the party on Tuesday night. If Scott wins it will solidify what should be a big night for Florida Republicans who will likely sweep the the other statewide races.

Barring a huge upset, Marco Rubio will win the U.S. Senate seat and the only mystery left is which of the cable pundits will be the first to start talking about Rubio being on the 2012 presidential ticket.

Election night should be fascinating to watch.  You can see Crowley Political Report on WPTV-NewsChannel 5 and on  where the Wall Street Journal will be providing live video coverage of the election.

And remember our slogan - Elections may come and go but politics never stops.