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Florida Democrats isolated and irrelevant

Last night on the set of the WPTV-NewChannel 5, state Sen. David Aronberg got a call from someone on the Alex Sink campaign wondering about the Palm Beach County vote.

Aronberg, who lost the Democratic primary for attorney general, couldn't offer Sink's team any solace. As the night turned into the early morning hours it was beginning to look like Sink would not find enough votes to defeat Republican Rick Scott.

It is a lousy morning for Democrats all over the country but in Florida it couldn't get much worse. Only one Democrat statewide officeholder remains - U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. And while Nelson was not on the ballot - the 2010 results will breed new challengers for him when he runs in 2012.

Four incumbent Democrats lost congressional seats.  Republicans now have a veto proof majority in the Florida House and Senate. All three cabinet seats are held by the GOP.

Florida has never been more solidly Republican.  Florida is now a one-party state. And that's bad news for President Obama in 2012 when the Sunshine State will have two additional electoral votes.

The immediate future for Florida Democrats is very grim.

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Too much of one party is a bad thing, especially when they hold far right or left views. This tea party movement is scary and although it hasn't completely shown in this election, is isolating independents and putting us towards the democrats. I feel that the GOP is far right now and the democrats are towards the middle, where our government should be.


I think "riot at the ballot box" is a bit overstated. You'd be surprised how complacent the actual electorate (not the vocal electorate) really is. I think Amend 5 and 6 passing will tip the balance a bit in the next redistricting. Once the Republican Party is no longer the only game in town, the money will slow substantially and cabinet races wont be as much of a sweep. Also, it's difficult to be a one party state when democrats hold the registration advantage!

Ben Starling III

As much as I love a GOP sweep, I do hate to see a one party system... I believe the people are better served by two strong parties who are steadfast in their ideals and willing to fight for the voters they represent.

Yesterday was a turning point for the GOP on every level, it is 'do or die' moving forward. The GOP must perform or 2012 will be a disaster.

Clearly, the American people are demanding jobs and accountability, and unless they get it, they will riot at the ballot box.

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