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FBI has questions for Robert Wexler

Allen West chief of staff - If ballots don't work bullets will

Well this is interesting.  The Palm Beach Post is reporting that newly-minted Republican Congressman- elect Allen West has hired South Florida's most rabid talk show host - Joyce Kaufman - to be his chief of staff.

Her qualifications? Apparently none.

She did give West loads of free air time during the campaign. And Kaufman makes Sarah Palin sound like a RINO.

Crowley Political Report found a video from this past July where a little more than six minutes in, Kaufman  says - "If ballots don't work bullets will."

Later in the video Kaufman says that her side loses the election she would quit her radio job and:

"I'm going to go up into the hills of Kentucky, I'm going to go out to the Midwest, I'm going to go up into the Vermont and New Hampshire outreaches and I'm going to gather men and women who  understand that some things are worth fightiing for and some things are worth dying for."

Here is more from the Post and below is the video.



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"Sounds like she knows her Constitution. She tells you what's in the Constitution, word for word, and this is somehow a radical, crazy thing to you?"

There is nothing about armed rebellion in the U.S. Constitution. You're thinking about the Declaration of Independence.

Were you signing your post with your nickname, "Amateur?" Because it's quite fitting for you.


Sounds like she knows her Constitution. She tells you what's in the Constitution, word for word, and this is somehow a radical, crazy thing to you?

What...your little statist world would come tumbling down if the people didn't like the thuggery and ineptitude and corruption of the czarchief in chief and his band of make-up-the-laws-as-we-go-along?

Nothing to see here, folks. You wouldn't understand it anyway. It's all about freedom and liberty and hard ideas like that. Apparently yours haven't been impinged upon yet, or you might get a little loud, too.

Did you lefties get all upset when Malcolm said it too? Or was that, like, "Power to the people" and "F Whitey!"?


Pat Trutty

And are today's issues with KILLING for?


I sent the clip of that video on July 3rd to every media outlet I could fine and did not get one reply. We get what we deserve. She is an ugly human being and also has ties to a Yahweh cult leader from the Yahweh killings. But where is the outcry.

Ben Starling III

Well, we all knew that Allen West campaigned on not being the typical politician... gotta admire a man of his word.

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