Scott, Sink do the ugly on CNN
Was Alex Sink wrong to fire her campaign aide? UPDATE

St. Pete Times says Sink cheated during CNN debate

UPDATE: Statement from Alex Sink: 

"After the debate tonight, one of my campaign advisors admitted he tried to communicate with me during one of the breaks.  While he told me it was out of anger with Rick Scott's repeated distortion of facts, it was a foolish thing to do.  It violated a debate agreement and I immediately removed him from the campaign."

Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times was one of the questioners during the CNN debate between Democrat Alex Sink and Republican Rick Scott.

At one point during the debate Scott said Sink broke the rules during a commercial break.

Smith in a post on The Buzz reports that Sink did, in Smith's word, "cheat."

Apparently Sink's make-up artist slipped her a phone message about how to respond to a question Scott was raising.  That was against the rules which forbid the campaigns from communicating with the candidate during the debate.

Here is Smith's post.

Yes I know she won't pay a $1.7 billion fine.


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I vote

It should be noted the the ultra liberal St. Pete times tried to bury the Sink cheating scandal in the 30 paragraph of their original article describing the debate.
They also indicated that Sink corrected the violation rather than Scott busting her for it.
Sink obviously doesn't play by the rules and cant be trusted.


The debate was over by the time Adam Smith had posted his report, Sink had also released a statement blaming an Aid for the infraction, and dismissing him.

Since there are no real consequences to cheating during a debate, public ridicule does seem to be the only option.

There is no other way to describe what her campaign has done, they cheated.


Is it appropriate for one of the moderators/questioners at the debate to post that one of the participants "cheated" before the debate is even or barely) over? Shouldn't this person be neutral or at least maintain the appearance of neutrality? Aren't there other St. Pete Times reporters monitoring the debate who could cover it? Things sure have changed.

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