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Scott, Sink debate - yawn

Anyone looking for inspiration during last night's debate between Democrat Alex Sink and Republican Rick Scott was left disappointed.

Sure they got a bit fiesty with each other but both of them seemed like a pair of high school debate team members.

Scott started out particularly nervous with none of the cockiness and confidence he shows when giving depositions (see earlier post).

Sink, despite speech and debate training, was only marginally better than Scott.

Both succeeded in getting off their pre-packaged jabs but neither exactly inspired confidence.

Here's an idea - toss out the talking points and have a real conversation. Yell at each other if you want but show some passion and insight.

It will drive your advisers crazy "stay on message, stay on message, stay on message"  but you might enjoy the freedom to say what you're really thinking.



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John Van Gieson

The TV debate format sucks. Time for a change. Brian's right.

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