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Rick Scott runs Alex Sink's a cheater ad

Picking the winner of the Florida governor's race

Eledonk Today during interviews with two television stations, Crowley Political Report was asked whether Democrat Alex Sink or Republican Rick Scott will be Florida's 45th governor.

Polls are of little help.

Quinnipiac has Sink leading 45-41.

Susquehanna has Scott leading 47-45.

Mason Dixon has Sink leading 46-43.

Rasmussen has Scott leading 48-45.

All of the polls suggest that - within their margin-of-error - this is an extremely tight race with neither Scott nor Sink certain of victory.

Crowley Political Report doesn't know who will win - but we're fairly certain it will be a fascinating election night.

Art by Patrick Crowley


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Larry Lipman

Not only don't you know who will win, you might not know by Wednesday morning.

BTW, love Pat's illustration. That ought to be a poster.

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