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Crist - Don't forget me I'm on line 9

If there is anything that symbolizes the fall of No-Party Gov. Charlie Crist it is the closing line in his new campaign ad - "and don't forget to find me on line 9 on your ballot."

Gosh.  It is almost sad.

To think the Charlie Crist was riding so high in 2008 that he was considered a potential vice president.

Now, he has to tell Florida voters to "find me on line 9."

Yes, it is necessary since as a no-party candidate his name is further down the ballot.

Still, it is in its own way, an unintended poignant moment for those who long supported Crist and now are watching the man they followed end his career because he miscalculated his political future.

They must realize that this would be a very different election if Crist has only run for a second term.



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