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Is Florida going to do 2000 all over again?

Charlie Crist fumbles during CNN debate

 Charlie Crist sounded desperate.

And maybe he is.

With polls showing him still double digits behind Republican Marco Rubio, Crist's six month journey as a No-Party candidate for Florida U.S. Senate appears to be going nowhere.

During Sunday's CNN/St. Petersburg Times debate, Crist frequently lashed out at Rubio and in the final minutes of the debate Crist interrupted Rubio so often that Rubio, clearly annoyed, called Crist a "heckler."

Both Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek questioned Crist's political honesty. They accused Crist of flip-flopping on the issues just to save his political career.

Crist, a former college quarterback, offered this explanation:

"I remember calling a play in the huddle and literally as you're walking up to the line of scrimmage, ou survey the defense, the facts and circumstances before you, see where the linebackers are. And you realize there's going to be a blitz, you've got to call an audible," Crist said about changing his mind.


Last April, Crist was about to be blitzed by Rubio. So he quit the Republican team and tried to start his own.

Since then, the old quarterback has repeatedly fumbled the ball. Who can forget him telling the Palm Beach Post editorial board that he would have left the GOP even if had been 20 points ahead of Rubio.

No one believes that despite Crist's stubborn defense of that answer.

And now,  even a "Hail Mary" pass  won't get Crist to Washington.


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