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Charlie Crist vetoes Marco Rubio

Sarah Palin coming to Miami

Sarah palin  
Conservative leader Sarah Palin is coming to Miami's American Airlines Arena on Wednesday, Oct. 6 "to raise funds to help elect principled grassroots conservatives."

The event is being hosted by the Tea Party group South Florida Conservative and The Liberty and Freedom Foundation.

Crowley Political Report knows little about South Florida Conservative. Their website  leaves a bit to be desired.

One thing is certain, with Palin's visit just five days before President Obama arrives in Miami to host a fundraiser for Democratic candidates, it's going to be hot October in Florida politics.


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Amber Waves

Well, who is the Liberty and Freedom Foundation? Their website leaves a little to be desired, too...doesn't say who founded them, when they were founded, and the only past events they've done is another Palin speech. Looks like a shell group set up solely fleece money for Palin speeches. I swear the Tea Party people are the easiest marks that ever lived.


Actually its not Sfla conservative that is bringing Gov. Palin, its actually the Liberty & Freedom Foundation, which has done events with her in the past.

Here is their press release:

The Liberty & Freedom Foundation is proud to announce that it will be bringing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to Miami on Wednesday October 6th, 2010. The lunchtime event will kick off with a Forum at the Waterfront Theater located in the American Airlines Arena at 10:30 am. The 2008 GOP Vice Presidential Candidate will discuss a variety of issues that are important to, and currently affecting, the people of South Florida, followed by a moderated Question & Answer session.

Following the Forum there will be a reception from 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm featuring a special photo opportunity with Sarah Palin. A special luncheon will take place from 1pm -2:15 pm highlighted by remarks from Gov. Palin. Tickets for the Forum are available through Ticketmaster, the American Airlines Arena website, and The American Airlines Arena box office.

Those interested in either the Luncheon or Private Reception with Gov. Palin can contact the Foundation either on its website,, via email at [email protected], or they may call 305 781-1274.

roger webb

And the winner for attendance is?

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