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Rick Scott blames Alex Sink for Florida pension losses

Rick, Rick, Rick. Really?

Okay, this ad is true - and then it is not.

Rick Scott who appears to be deeply wounded if anyone suggests that his business dealing have been anything but stellar is not shy about doing the same twisting of the truth he accuses is rivals of doing.

This is the second ad Scott is using to tag his rival - Democrat Alex Sink - with blame for Florida's pension losses.

Here's what we said about the first ad:  Yes, Florida's pension fund has been clobbered. But Sink is one of three statewide officials with oversight responsibility.

The other two - Gov. Charlie Crist who was still a Republican when the pension fund took a big hit on Wall Street and Attorney General Bill McCollum who until recently was the party leaderships's favorite candidate for governor.

While Sink may share some of the blame - it would only be a third.

Here's the latest ad:



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