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Pearls of wisdom from Allen West

Congress is not a very popular place right now but Republican congressional candidate Allen West's disdain for all Republican and Democratic members of Congress is - well - interesting.

And somehow we here at Crowley Political Report missed out on the free cellphones.

Speaking to a group of veterans the other day - shortly after having his "Democratic stalker" escorted out of the park by a group of fellow vets, (a kid with a video camera hired by Democratic Congressman Ron Klein) - West offered his supporters this tidbit:

"We live in a country right now with a government that wants to create more victims and make more people dependent upon them. When you read and find out that 47 percent of Americans are not paying  income taxes but yet they are able to vote for their own entitlement programs - be it free healthcare, free education, free cars, free cellphones - all on the backs of the production class."

Then there was this:

"It is not about empowering 535 individuals that are sitting in Washington D.C. that are the absolute most corrupt, most despicable, most dishonerable, most disgusting individuals that you have ever seen."





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Allen's entrance will be like a breath of fresh air...

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