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NYT Florida poll is unfair to Bill McCollum

There is no question that Bill McCollum is facing a difficult election. Even his own polls show him trailing Rick Scott in the Republican primary for governor.

Now we have the New York Times Florida newspapers poll showing McCollum behind Scott by 16 points. The poll puts Scott at 41 and McCollum at 25.

The numbers are nonsense. Only 249 likely Republican voters were questioned giving the poll a margin of error of 6 percent.

Seriously - 6 percent?

That means in this poll McCollum could be as high as 31 and Scott as low as 35 turning the race from a 16 point spread to 4 points.

This is simply evidence of a poll done on the cheap. Properly done polls of likely Republican voters require a much larger sampling which reduces the margin-or-error to 2.5 (the best polls) to from 3 to 4 percent. Once you exceed 4 percent (and 4 is pushing it) the poll results are meaningless.

The best thing to do with the Scott-McCollum NYT-Florida poll is to forget it.


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