Palm Beacher Ann Coulter loses gig after agreeing to talk to gay group
Kirkpeppershead is back with new conspiracy theories


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Susie Q

"The Republicans made me say those mean things about Obama! They did, they really did. I never wanted to say those things about him. But THEY made me. All I ever wanted to do was hug Obama.

Once I was 30 points behind Marco, I jumped out of the GOP. Those meanies. God, I am glad I finally jumped. They are mean. Really really mean.

I never ever wanted to say I didn't like ObamaCare. I have always loved it, but the GOP MADE me say those things. In fact, they MADE me post that on my campaign website. Meanies. I never wanted to say I supported offshore drilling, but they made me say that. Wow, that was haaaard work trying to win the GOP nomination for Vice President. If you look really close, you will see I had my fingers crossed behind my back. Yuck, I hate GOP meanies."

-- Charlie Crist
Watch those eyebrows move. When they're moving, he's lying.

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