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Following what TrumanDem said, it's going to be difficult for either Scott or McCollum to moderate to capture Florida's center. Sink's biggest gift is not having out out-left an opponent for the Primary. Which ever wins the Primary, there will be a lot of flip-floping, or avoiding at the very least, to appeal to the majority of Floridians and not the red-meat eating party bases.


Watching Rick Scott tact to the right of Bill McCullom and then call McCullom "liberal" on any issue reminds me of Orwell's "Animal Farm." As a Florida resident I can assure you McCullom is about as right wing as you can get bordering on the looney Bircher side. Rick Scott on the other hand is a tea partier who would link hands with Marco Rubio and lurch the state back to the pre-Teddy Roosevelt era of non regulatory corporatism at the expense of individual rights. What a lovely pair they would make. If only the Civil War hadn't come along and ruined their "utopia."

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